AI Call Scanner: Truecaller’s Defense Against AI Voice Scams

 Caller ID service company Truecaller on Wednesday announced a new feature to protect users from spam and scam calls that use AI-generated voice.

The new “AI Call Scanner” feature helps detect authentic human voices versus sneaky AI-generated scam calls in real-time while on a call. It uses advanced in-house AI voice detection capability to help identify whether the person on the other end is a human or computer-generated call.

It works in real-time, providing users with immediate feedback on the legitimacy of the caller’s voice, which helps customers protect themselves against potential scams and fraud.

“With AI Call Scanner, Truecaller is not just stepping up call security; we’re transforming it. Join us on this journey to make communication smarter, safer, and more efficient. Secure your calls, find peace of mind, and keep moving forward with confidence,” the company announced in the blog post.

How To Use AI Call Scanner

To use the new AI Call Scanner feature, you first need to upgrade to the latest Truecaller version, 14.6 on Android. Please note that this feature is part of the Truecaller Premium plan and comes with a free trial!

  1. Set Truecaller as your default calling app. Once done, the ‘AI Call Scanner‘ button will be ready for use.
  2. During a call, if you are suspicious or uncertain if the caller is genuine, tap on the dedicated “Start AI Detection” button to start the identification process.
  3. When you press the button, the call will be briefly put on hold, and the AI will start analyzing the voice without interrupting your conversation.
  4. Once you hit AI Detection, you will see an “Analyzing…” message, indicating that the AI is checking whether the voice is human or computer-generated.
  5. As AI Voice Detection works in real-time, you will know immediately if the caller is a human or an AI. A message will pop up saying either ‘Human Detected‘ or ‘AI Voice Detected.‘

“The risks of AI voice scams are increasing due to the proliferation of AI voice synthesizers. Our goal was to find an effective and reliable solution before things got out of hand. I am proud to announce that Truecaller is the world’s calling app with AI voice detection built in. Truecaller already uses AI in many different ways and this was a logical and much-needed extension of Truecaller’s scam fighting abilities,” said Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder at Truecaller.

The new AI Call Scanner feature is only available in the U.S. on Android and is expected to roll out to other countries very soon. Further, Truecaller said it is also working to launch this feature for iOS soon.

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