How to Use Your Android and iPhone As Webcam For Your PC

There are many apps available on the internet but this one is the easiest method available to use your Android as a webcam for your PC. As many of us utilizing desktop and generally we don’t have the webcam. So, What If you desire to do the video call? Don’t worry you have intelligent Android which will let you do video call on your PC. So, on the internet, there are lots of apps available which turns your android into the webcam. But the procedure I’m going to tell you simple and very easy.

You know what? You can also use the android handset as a wireless camera and completely transparent to the operating system. And the reason why Android is commencing in the market is because it is very accessible to many useful apps. So without wasting any time let’s proceed to the steps to use Android camera as a webcam.


Steps To Use Android Mobile Phone As Webcam

1. First of all install, the downloaded IP Webcam application on your android mobile phone. Also install the IP Camera Adapter on your PC.

2. Now open the installed IP Camera app on your phone after it you will many options like username, password, screen resolution and many more which you can adjust according to your choice. Now after doing so just click on the Start Server.

NOTE: This app uses back camera as default for better quality but you can also change camera mode to front but it will reduces your video quality.

3. Now when you clicks on the start server then following that you will see an IP at the bottom of mobile’s screen. Now open this IP in your mobile’s Chrome or Firefox browser. If none of this browser is installed on your android mobile and select Browser built-in viewer option.

4. Now open and install the downloaded IP camera adapter on your PC. Now in the “Camera feed URL “just enters your IP and port which you got from the app you installed on your phone and remember don’t delete /video feed and then click on Autodetect.

5. Now that’s it your are done. Open any video conferencing application on your PC like Skype, Facebook messenger, Yahoo! messenger and you will see the video streaming on your PC from your android mobile phone.

How to Use an iOS Smartphone as a webcam

IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad are said to be having great camera definition and pixels. They can also be used to record videos as an Webcam by following these steps. We will be using EpocCam app for IOS devices which is free and easy to use.

1. First you will have to connect IOS device like iPhone to your computer PC using same WiFi network.

2. Now you have to download EpocCam app on your  iPhone from here.

3. Also download this app for your PC or MAC respectively.

4. After that install EpocCam on both iPhone and computer with required settings.

5. Then run the app from iPhone and now you can see live video on our PC as well.

6. In this free version, recording feature is not available but I would advise you to use another record software on PC to record it.

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All about How to Use Your Android and iPhone As Webcam For Your PC – By this easy trick, you can easily turn your android camera into a webcam. You can easily record your phone and capture every moment in your computer browser and with the help of mentioned adapter. Hope you like this, do share with others too.
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  1. The "IP Phone Camera" app will make the best use of your old smartphone. I use this app for video monitoring my office from my cabin. It works for me very well. No need of extra connection settings. Just enter the URL in the browser with login details, you are done! So easy to use.


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