Yahoo Just Launched Its First Game-Changing Chat App

With the huge competition in the world of messaging applications, and having the real tech giants drag millions of users with their apps, it is strange that there are still brands that bet on finding a piece of cake among the crumbs left by the well-known and the most used instant messaging applications, WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Yahoo had finally abandoned the risks, that it had left itself to returning to the ring of communication applications. Yes, I am talking about the ‘Yahoo Together‘ which is the new messaging application that is designed for groups.

The groups are a type of conversations that can include from two contacts until they become overcrowded. They are very useful for communicating news to a group of people simultaneously and opens the door for work teams to remain in communication with each other. That is the goal of Yahoo Together.

The all-new Yahoo Together is the reinvention of Yahoo Squirrel, an application for family and friends groups that was in tests and under invitation. Once open to everyone, Yahoo has redesigned it and changed the name.

With Slack or Microsoft Teams offering centralized access to workers and contacts who want to maintain a constant flow of work, Yahoo Together aims in a more generic and freeway providing access to anyone who wants to establish a conversation with different people.

Yahoo Together is simple to use, works as a room, offers from chat to file sharing and includes mute buttons. This is highlighted by the application, it is noted that Yahoo knows what usually happens in groups.

Yahoo Together is now available to anyone who wants to use it. However, according to the tests, it works correctly and offers what any group of people would like in an application of their style. Although there are already so many that it is very difficult to convince friends, family or colleagues to install a new one.

The truth is that Yahoo Together works very well, it’s fun, it offers private rooms in which to converse, you can invite them through codes, you are allowed to react to messages and, in short, you have everything you need to make any group find comfortable and perfectly communicated. Same as Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack and any of the messaging applications that are already used.

Knowing how complicated it is to place a new application, even though the mythical Yahoo is behind. However, Yahoo had its moment and did not know how to take advantage of it because of an excess of pretension. Developing applications that already have immovable heavyweights is not the way. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
Yahoo Just Launched Its First Game-Changing Chat App Yahoo Just Launched Its First Game-Changing Chat App Reviewed by Tech Ugly on Monday, October 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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