Now You Can Hack iPhone For Less Than $100 With NAND Bypass

You may have already read about how FBI spent $1.3 million to hack into the locked iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino shooter. It seems FBI overspent money as the iPhone 5c can be hacked for as little as a $100 according to a security researcher, Sergei Skorobogatov from the University of Cambridge.

Yes, the security researcher, Sergei Skorobogatov manages to bypass the safeguards or the securities that were put by Apple and pointed by the FBI to explain its difficulty in accessing the smartphone of a terrorist, San Bernardino: due to the limit on the number of trials to unlock the code of the device. After 10 unsuccessful attempts, the device was hit by the Apple effect, yes, as Apple programmed this system to delete all its data, hence, ruining any hope of police to recover all the useful information for their investigation.

Cambridge University security researcher Sergei Skorobogatov has published a new research paper detailing a technique that would have helped the FBI bypass the iOS passcode limit on the shooter's iPhone 5C.

Dubbed NAND Mirroring, the technique was proposed to the FBI earlier this year, but the agency claimed that the method would not work. "It does not work," FBI Director James Comey said back in March, and instead paid a hefty amount to a contractor.

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In his research paper published on Thursday, Skorobogatov says that the FBI was just wrong in its assessment of NAND Mirroring, but also spent $1 million of taxpayers' funds on a case that could have been solved for a few hundred dollars.

During his test, Skorobogatov used store-bought equipment, stripped down an iPhone 5C running iOS 9.3, carefully removed the NAND memory chip from the phone’s circuit board, and copied its data to a special test board many times over.

The researcher then used an automated software to brute force the passcode until he found the correct code and said it takes around 20 hours to brute-force a four-digit passcode, while few weeks with a six-digit one.

To do this, the researcher Sergei Skorobogatov uses a technique known as ‘Nand mirroring’ technique. Using equipment commercially available that and the equipment will also cost you less than a hundred dollars, cruelly precise Skorobogatov that he manages to create copies of the Flash memory of the phone – much as he wants – to increase the number of PIN trials. Here is what the security researcher said, “It does not require any expensive and sophisticated equipment. All needed parts are low cost and were obtained from local electronics distributors”.

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So, this is the first public illustration of the real hardware Nand mirroring process for iPhone 5C. As the security researcher, Sergei Skorobogatov also added that “Any attacker with sufficient technical skills could repeat the experiments easily”. However, till now both the FBI and Apple have not commented on Skorobogatov’s research.

Skorobogatov detailed the whole process in a new paper  and was able to gain entry into a locked iPhone 5c using the NAND mirroring technique.

Here’s the video demonstration, where Skorobogatov explained the NAND Mirroring technique:-

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