Awesome Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

You might be familiar with google gravity trick. If not then it is a search engine trick based on javascript. Well it’s not something very great but you can definitely surprise your friends and family by these tricks. There are lots of google tricks available, But using google gravity tricks you can hack google and play around with it.

These tricks are not developed by google, they are developed by third party developers. So here’s a list of most amazing google tricks similar as google gravity.

Google Sphere

This is of the most awesome google trick. All the options present on the google homepage gets moving in form of sphere that’s why it’s called google sphere. Just move your mouse pointer up and down to change the direction of the sphere. To use google sphere follow the below steps :

Simply go to and type : Google sphere, Now click on I’m feeling lucky.

To get the best of google sphere simply search for some images and you can see the awesomeness.

Google Guitar

This is a great trick, You can surprise your friends while searching something on google. Whenever you type something in the search box you can listen new guitar beat, this can be quite scary. You can also record your create guitar music and then play it afterwords. Just head over to this link and have fun – google guitar.

Anti Gravity Google

This trick is quite opposite to google gravity trick, as all the elements floats on the screen instead of directly falling down, This trick is also called google space because whenever you drag an object it will float on the screen instead of falling down. You can enjoy a space like experience on google. Just follow this link to see google anti gravity trick.

Google Zero Gravity Flat Fall

Newton might love this trick as it applies the concept of gravity to google. You can see all the elements of google falls down flat on the surface. The best part of this trick is you can hold any element of the page and throw it where ever you want. And yeah you could also play ping pong. Follow the same steps just search for Zero Gravity Flat Fall on google and hit I’m feeling lucky.


elgooG forms a mirror image of google. Seriously if you want to take revenge from someone then just use elgooG and ask him to search something on google. I bet he would be totally screwed up. To use elgooG just head over to this link.

Google Underwater

In google underwater you can see everything floating under water. It uses google Images search, So if you search something then you’ll notice some images sinking in the water like titanic. You can also create Tsunami waves by moving your mouse up and down in the water. Use this link to use google underwater.

Google Terminal

An alluring trick that fascinates me a lot every time is Google Terminal. When you type Google Terminal in the Google search bar, it will be transformed into an excellent mechanic Google search bar. It looks like you are watching some active hacking codes on it and the style seems as if work is going on in MS-DOS. It is true that you can’t use your mouse

Zerg Rush

Whenever you search for something on google zerg rush, All the results will get erased one by one by the zero’s. Confusing ? try it now by navigating to, type Zerg Rush and click I’m feeling lucky.

Google snake game

If you are bored of playing high FPS games then it’s time to play the most popular game of nineties. Yes I’m talking about the snake. The best thing I love about google snake game is you won’t get out even after crashing with your own tail. To play the snake game just visit this link and enjoy it.

Funny Google

This method lets you change the logo of Google according to your own choices. Just type “Funny Google” in the search bar to see the result. You will see a very riveting search engine where you will find an option to change its Logo. You can set its name according to your preference. I would go with my “Tech Ugly.”

Walking to Mordor

It is an admitted fact that whenever you use to search some keywords, it will show some websites where the same keywords have been used. But Google gets crazy when you type “Walking to Mordor” and instead of showing you a variety of sites in the Search Results, it takes you to the site NerdFitness. Just open and type “Walking to Mordor” in the Search bar and click the option you already have enabled and see the interesting result. You will get the same result as I got. Isn’t it interesting?

Annoying Google

Now set Google web browser according to your mood. If you are feeling annoyed, for what you are waiting? Get “Annoying Google” by typing the term in the search bar. You will notice that it shows “Annoying Search” instead of “Google Search.”

Google Tilt

This trick shows google’s homepage in a tilt position. To use google tilt simply search for google tilt on google and click I’m feeling lucky.

Ninja Google

Do you love Ninja? Of course, it is a stupid question because we all love Ninja. Google too loves Ninja. That’s why Google programmed this gravity trick to you. Just add the keywords “Ninja Google” in the search bar to get it.

Google Rainbow

Amazing trick to get a very colourful Google Search engine. When you apply this trick, your aesthetic sense is satisfied with a pleasant sight. Did you feel the change? The tab “Google Search” appears as “Rainbow Search” and the default “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab transforms into “I’m Feeling Colourful”. What a fresh, colourful change it is.

Weenie Google

It works unlike “Epic Google”. In Epic Google, you see all components of the web browser swelling bigger and bigger while in Weenie Google, you will notice everything is shrinking smaller and smaller.


Usually, whenever you type a word with wrong spelling, Google shows you “Did you mean” option with the correct spellings of the word. But the situation becomes funny when you type “Recursion” and Google shows you the same word “Recursion” with the option “Did you mean.

Do a barrel roll

This does exactly what it says, Just search for do a barrel roll on google and you can notice your screen doing a 360 degree barrel roll.

Google Pac-man

The game needs no introduction, even Facebook and a few other platforms have its main character’s emoticon in their chat and other services. You can open it and play this game. The Police van siren keeps ringing in the background and make you feel like a thief that is running from Police.

Epic Google

This method works in a unique way. When you type “Epic Google” in the search bar, you see Google search engine appears with a big “Epic” stamp. It starts swelling and keeps growing bigger and bigger. All of the buttons, search bar and the general logo of Google keep expanding. You can see its maximum size finally.

All about Awesome Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks. So, let’s experience the best Google Gravity Tricks of all time to understand what I mean.  So try out this cool method tricks. Hope you like this, do share with others too.
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